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Best WordPress Google Rank Tracker


SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is a basic process of improving or maintaining your Google ranking to increase traffic to your site. This means that finding good SEO tools – especially ones that monitor website rankings – should be on every website owner’s agenda.

The SE Ranking Google Ranking Checker provides powerful rank-tracking solutions that have big benefits for WordPress users. With the ability to collect 100% accurate Google Ranking data and get valuable insight into your competitor’s rankings, the Google Ranking Checker is a vital tool for any WordPress website.

What Is Google Ranking Tracking? Why Is It Important For Your WordPress Website?

Before we dive into how to use the SE Ranking Google Ranking Checker, let’s talk more about SEO strategy and one of its main components, Google rank tracking.

While some may claim there are quick SEO tactics that can help to boost your position in search engines, it’s also important to take a long-term approach to get the best results. Important steps in any successful SEO strategy include creating content based on keyword research and building organic links to your site. However, all of the steps in your process should be underpinned by keyword position and rank tracking.

Rank tracking involves closely monitoring the positions of keywords that a website ranks for in search engine results pages (SERPs). Google is the most widely-used search engine so it is important to track your own and your competitors’ ranking in its SERPs. Doing so gives a better understanding of how a website ranks and how positions have changed over time. This valuable info can then be used to track the results of your SEO campaign, figure out your focus pages and identify if a change in strategy is needed.

In order to carry out this kind of tracking, you need a reliable Google rank tracking tool. That’s where the SE Ranking Google Ranking Checker comes in.

A Brief Overview Of SE Ranking Google Ranking Checker

SE Ranking’s rank tracking tool is a professional SEO solution that’s ideal for both SEO professionals and businesses of all sizes.

So, what can the SE Ranking Google Ranking Checker do for you? Well, the tool collects accurate Google ranking data, checks rankings for Google Ads and tracks Google SERP features, allows you to monitor competitors, and much more besides.

If you’re new to the world of SEO, you can start with some basic data offered by the Google Ranking Checker. However, if you’re already familiar with SEO but looking for a new accurate tool, the sophisticated features on offer here are perfect for streamlining and improving your workflow.

SE Ranking Tracker: Set Up In 5 Easy Steps

With a number of robust features under its belt, you’d be forgiven for thinking SE Ranking’s tracking tool might be complicated to set up – but that’s not the case at all. In reality, there are five steps users need to take before the tool is ready to go, and they’re all straightforward. It took us less than five minutes to set up a project and dig into the SE Ranking Tracker.

Step 1: Adding General Information

The first step is simply adding your general information to create a project. This will include the name of your project and its URL. In this initial step, you can also choose if you want to receive a weekly report and carry out a website audit.

Step 2: Adding and Grouping Keywords

Once you’ve entered your info, the next step is to add the keywords you want to monitor. You can create one master list of keywords or group multiple keywords by intent. Here you’ll also find the helpful Keyword Suggestion module. This is where SE Ranking provides potential keywords based on relevancy and location chosen. Alternatively, you can import keywords from Google Analytics or a CSV file.

Step 3: Setting Search Engines and Regions

Step three has two important parts: picking your preferred search engines and the regions you want to monitor. You can choose up to five search engines and the geographical location to monitor. You can choose Google along with any country of interest. Alternatively, you can pick another search engine like Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, or even YouTube.

Step 4: Finding Competitors

Next up is adding competitors to your project. The tool helps you gain insights into how your competitors are performing. Add up to 20 competitors per project to monitor in Google or the search engine of your choice. SE Ranking will also suggest competitors for you.

Step 5: Integrating Analytics Services

SE Ranking’s rank tracker also allows you to connect to Google Search Console and Google Analytics, for additional data collection and collation all in one dashboard.

Once you’ve completed these five simple steps, your project will be fully set up and it’s time to make the most of the SE Ranking Google Ranking Checker’s many features.

Key Features Of The SE Ranking Tracker

The SE Ranking Google Ranking Checker provides users with a plethora of helpful features that make rank tracking efficient and effective. These include:
Accurate Data Collection: The Google Ranking checker provides 100% accurate Google ranking data so you can be confident in the position you see.
Google Ads Monitoring: Check your Google Ads rankings to monitor their effectiveness.

  • Track Google SERP Features: Check any SERP features that may appear in Google.
  • Customizable Ranking Table: Adjust the ranking table to suit your needs – including search volume, traffic forecast, and display keywords by group or URL.
  • Google Maps Integration: Monitor local keywords using Google Maps.
  • Competitor Insights: Monitor competitors using the same keywords as your website and discover new rivals from Google’s top 100. n.
    Download Ranking History Data: Get a helpful overview of your entire ranking history in one downloadable report.

How To Track Your Website Keywords In SE Ranking Checker

Of course, the most important part of the SE Ranking Google Ranking Checker is the ability to track your WordPress website’s keywords. Doing this is a straightforward process that involves a few simple steps.

Firstly, to see a summary of your website rankings, navigate to the Rankings tab. To view your keyword positions, go to the Detailed tab and select the keyword or group you wish to check from the table. Here you’ll see its average position over time, a traffic forecast, visibility, any SERP features for that particular keyword, and other data.

In this table, you’ll find the full list of keywords that your website ranks for. You will see a list of keywords linked to a specific URL each with search volume, competition, and position dynamics in search results.

You can customize the rankings table by adding or removing parameters based on your needs. You can also add your own tags to filter keywords.

In the Historical Data tab, you are able to monitor keyword dynamics over a defined period of time. You can also switch to the My Competitors tab to check the positions of competitors, their Alexa rank, the number of backlinks and unique referring domains, and site traffic.

To check your added or SERP competitors, navigate to the My Competitors tab. Here you can check which of your competitors are ranking in the top 10, top 30, or top 100 for the chosen keyword and how this picture has changed compared to the previous month or other data. Also, you will be able to see where your website is on this list.

Pros And Cons

So now we’ve explored the key features of SE Ranking’s Google Ranking Checker tool, how does it shape up to the competition? Here are some key pros and cons of the tool for you to consider.


Rank Tracking with Accurate Data

SE Ranking prides itself on providing accurate and up-to-date data, and it certainly delivers. Search engine data is updated in real time which gives users the most accurate picture of their website rankings. On the lowest tier (and in the free trial) users can recheck rankings for 250 keywords every day.

Comprehensive Competitor Research

Competitor research is a valuable tool for any business. Knowledge is power after all, and getting ahead of the competition is essential in a competitive market. SE Ranking’s Google Ranking Checker gives you all the knowledge you need on your competitors, including current rankings and historical data. This is one of the areas where the tool really shines.

All-in-One Dashboard

SE Ranking provides a powerful and comprehensive all-in-one dashboard. You’ll find links to the ranking tracker interface, competitor analysis, backlink monitor, and more, all in one place.


Keyword Ranking Limits

For SEO pros with multiple projects to balance, the standard version of the tool has its limits. While it will likely suffice for small businesses, the ability to check only 250 keywords per day may not be enough for agencies or larger organizations.

Overwhelming Interface

While users are provided with an excellent comprehensive dashboard, the interface may be overwhelming for those who are new to SEO. There are lots of different tabs to navigate. It can take some time to get to grips with everything on offer here.

Final Verdict

Overall, the SE Ranking Google Ranking Checker is an excellent addition to any WordPress website’s SEO toolkit. It’s a flexible and scalable tool that has a myriad of features making it ideal for small and large businesses as well as SEO pros and agencies – though some may need to opt for the higher SE Ranking pricing tier if they have a lot of keywords to check regularly.

The competitor analysis feature is one of the strongest areas of the tool as it gives users the ability to compare rankings with up to 20 competitors and get insights into the keywords the competition is using. Using SE Ranking’s tools is essential if you want to stay ahead of the competition and reach the upper echelons of SERPs.

We highly recommend SE Ranking’s Google Ranking Checker to anyone who wishes to strengthen and streamline their SEO process.