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About The Project

10Web is a company focused on simplifying website building and hosting through automation, with the goal of enabling everyone to establish an online presence easily. Their AI website builder is a groundbreaking tool that allows users to create unlimited site templates based on existing websites, significantly reducing the time and effort required to design and develop a website.


  • Integration Complexity: Integrating the 10Web AI website builder with WordPress and Elementor posed a significant technical challenge.
  • User Interface Design: Designing a user-friendly interface for the WordPress theme that incorporates the features of the 10Web AI website builder while maintaining compatibility with Elementor was another challenge. It was crucial to create a cohesive design that allows users to easily access and utilize the AI builder within the familiar Elementor environment.
  • Scalability: Building a theme that can accommodate the diverse needs of 10Web’s users, from individuals creating personal blogs to businesses establishing complex websites, presented a scalability challenge. The theme needed to be flexible enough to cater to various industries and use cases while maintaining performance and efficiency.


  • Integration Expertise: Leveraging my expertise in WordPress development and 10web AI Builder integration, I conducted extensive research and testing to ensure seamless integration between the 10Web AI website builder, WordPress, and Elementor.
  • User Interface Optimization: To address the user interface design challenge, I conducted user experience (UX) research and iterative design processes. I focused on simplifying the interface and creating intuitive workflows that guide users through the website building process seamlessly. By prioritizing clarity and usability, I ensured that users can easily access and utilize the features of the 10Web AI website builder within the Elementor interface.
  • Modular Design Approach: Adopting a modular design approach, I built the WordPress theme with scalability in mind. By designing flexible templates and components, I empowered users to customize their websites according to their specific needs and preferences.


➤ Results:

  • Seamless Integration: The WordPress theme seamlessly integrates with the 10Web AI website builder and Elementor, providing users with a cohesive website building experience. Users can easily access the AI builder within the familiar Elementor interface, streamlining the website creation process.
  • Enhanced User Experience: The optimized user interface design enhances the overall user experience, making it easy for users to navigate and utilize the features of the 10Web AI website builder.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: The modular design approach ensures that the WordPress theme is scalable and adaptable to a wide range of use cases. Whether users are creating personal blogs or complex business websites, they can customize the theme to suit their needs effectively. Additionally, the theme’s performance optimization ensures smooth operation even as users scale their websites.


In conclusion, by overcoming the challenges of integration complexity, user interface design, and scalability, I successfully designed and implemented a WordPress theme that empowers users to create professional websites with the 10Web AI website builder and Elementor. The seamless integration, enhanced user experience, and scalability of the theme contribute to its effectiveness in enabling individuals and businesses to establish a strong online presence effortlessly.


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