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About The Project

Magnifax, a well-established distributor of industrial and hydraulic hoses and fittings, began its journey in 1992. With a commitment to providing durable hydraulic and industrial hoses from trusted vendors, Magnifax expanded its operations to Toronto, Ontario, in 2014 under the brand name PARAGON. This expansion aimed to strengthen the supply chain and better serve customers in Canada and the United States.


Magnifax faced a significant challenge when it came to representing its industrial expertise through a website. The primary goal was to maintain a strong focus on the industry-specific aspects of the business while ensuring an aesthetically pleasing design. Balancing the industrial nature of the business with a simple and visually appealing design was a complex task that required innovative solutions.


To tackle this challenge effectively, Magnifax initiated a comprehensive approach:

  1.  In-Depth Business Understanding:
    Multiple meetings were conducted with the company to gain a deep understanding of its services and products. This allowed for a clear and cohesive representation of the business on the website.
  2. User Needs Assessment:
    A needs assessment of the website’s users was carried out, which played a pivotal role in designing an exceptional user experience and a well-structured wireframe.
  3. Thoughtful Branding:
    Magnifax’s brand identity, centered on the colors black, white, and red, was carefully considered. To introduce contrast, neutral shades like gray were incorporated. Recognizing the industrial sector’s preference for sharp, angular designs, the logo and all sections of the website were crafted with crisp lines and sharp edges.
  4. Design Theme:
    The final design followed a dark theme, which is often associated with industrial businesses. The crisp lines and sharp edges added a modern and professional touch to the design, aligning it with industry standards.
  5. User-Focused Navigation:
    The user flow was pre-designed with a primary focus on showcasing Magnifax’s products and services. Well-planned navigation and an intuitive product collection ordering system were implemented to address customer needs effectively.

The Results:
Magnifax successfully overcame the challenge of balancing industrial expertise with a visually appealing design. The new website, designed using the Ellen theme, effectively represents the company’s services and products. The dark theme and sharp design elements convey professionalism and industry-specific expertise, making it a valuable asset in attracting and serving customers in North America.This case study highlights how Magnifax, with the help of a well-thought-out design and the Ellen theme, managed to maintain a strong online presence that resonates with its industrial customer base while ensuring a user-friendly experience.


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