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  • UI/UX Design
  • Theme Development
  • Figma
  • WordPress
  • Custom Theme
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About The Project

JoClub is a social movement for self-awareness founded by Jo Franco, an American YouTuber and actress. JoClub is an international community dedicated to self-awareness, personal growth, and fostering a positive environment through the practice of journaling. JoClub operates a WordPress website that offers various features, including the ability to purchase and reserve tickets for events, a membership system, and book sales.


Designing a website that caters to a global audience with diverse cultural preferences and languages, integrating e-commerce features for event tickets, memberships, and book sales, ensuring an engaging user experience that promotes journaling and personal growth, optimizing performance and security, and allowing for customization to accommodate event-specific requirements.


To overcome these challenges, I created a multilingual WordPress website with a user-friendly interface. It includes an e-commerce system for event ticket sales, memberships, and book sales, fostering a positive environment for self-awareness. The website is optimized for speed and security, and its flexible structure allows for easy customization to meet event-specific needs. This approach has successfully contributed to the growth of JoClub as an international community dedicated to self-awareness and personal development.


Desktop Landing

Mobile Landing