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Organic Center

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About The Project

Organic Center is a family-run company established in 2005, dedicated to providing high-quality organic and biodynamic foods. With a range of supermarkets and cafés, we offer fresh organic produce, groceries, supplements, meat, dairy products, breads, and household cleaning items.

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Following the Covid-19 quarantine, our client made the decision to transition to an online-only business model. They sought a simple yet effective website that would allow them to sell their products directly to customers. Key priorities included ensuring the website was responsive across various devices and providing an exceptional user experience.


Organic Center had never established a distinct brand identity previously. To align the website with their existing physical designs, my task was to create a cohesive brand identity that required minimal alterations to their previous branding elements. By carefully assessing these elements and considering the website’s objectives, I successfully developed a compelling brand identity.


Once the brand identity was established, we proceeded to address the client’s request and incorporate their unique perspective. To achieve this, we suggested and presented various template options that were suitable for their business. After careful consideration, we customized the selected template to meet their specific needs, resulting in an engaging and tailored website design.



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