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About The Project

StoneCenter, a prominent online retailer, specializes in offering an extensive range of stone-based products. With an inventory of over 12,000 items, they have solidified their brand identity in the industry. Alongside their online presence, StoneCenter maintains a well-established physical store in Sweden, complemented by multiple branches throughout the Scandinavian region.

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StoneCenter’s transition from a Magento-based platform to WooCommerce and WordPress posed several intricate challenges. The foremost challenge was preserving their distinctive brand identity throughout the design transformation. Furthermore, the diverse store branches necessitated a solution that would enable them to manage inventory and update product listings efficiently. To address these needs, a multi-vendor capability needed to be seamlessly integrated into the new platform.


  • Preserving Brand Identity: To ensure the continuity of StoneCenter’s brand identity during the migration, our approach was focused on meticulous design and user experience considerations. We conducted a comprehensive brand analysis and implemented the following strategies:
  • Custom Design: We developed a custom theme for WooCommerce, tailored to mirror StoneCenter’s unique brand aesthetic. This design aligned seamlessly with their stone-focused product offerings, creating an immersive shopping experience.
  • Visual Consistency: We maintained a consistent color palette, typography, and imagery that was synonymous with StoneCenter. This reinforced the brand’s visual identity and gave customers a sense of familiarity during the transition.
  • User-Centric Approach: We prioritized user experience (UX) by ensuring that the website’s navigation remained intuitive and user-friendly. This included creating clear product categories, enhancing search functionality, and optimizing page load times for a seamless shopping journey.
  • Multi-Vendor Capabilities:
    To empower StoneCenter’s multiple branches and facilitate easy inventory management, we introduced a multi-vendor system:
  • Vendor Dashboard: Each store branch received a dedicated vendor dashboard. This allowed them to independently manage their inventory, update product listings, and control their storefront’s appearance. It streamlined the process of adding new products and maintaining up-to-date information.
  • Centralized Management: Despite multiple vendors, the central management system ensured a unified brand experience. StoneCenter’s administrators could oversee the entire operation, maintaining quality control and consistency across all branches.
  • Inventory Synchronization: I implemented an inventory synchronization system to prevent overselling or discrepancies. This ensured customers would always have accurate stock information, enhancing their trust in the platform.

In summary, our solution transformed StoneCenter’s online retail presence by preserving their brand identity through custom design and a user-centric approach. The introduction of multi-vendor capabilities empowered their various store branches to efficiently manage their operations. The seamless migration to WooCommerce and WordPress solidified StoneCenter’s position as a leader in stone-based product sales, enhancing their customer experience and streamlining their business operations.


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