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About The Project

Diagnostics Technical Support provides technical support services to small and medium-sized enterprises. Broadly speaking, we can manage everything related to your desktops, networks and servers, anything wired or wireless, or that requires batteries!


  • Redesigning an Outdated Website: The existing website needed a modern redesign to align with current design trends and user expectations.
  • Ensuring Responsiveness Across Devices:* The website had to display optimally on all devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, to provide a seamless user experience.
  • Adhering to Client’s Style Guide: The client’s style guide specified the use of orange and dark blue colors throughout the website, presenting a challenge to incorporate these colors effectively in various sections.
  • Designing an Informative Landing Page: The landing page needed to summarize all sections of the website concisely while maintaining user engagement and preventing information overload.


  • Creating a Modern Theme with Elementor: I developed a modern WordPress theme using Elementor, replacing the outdated custom-coded theme. Elementor’s drag-and-drop interface allowed for easy customization and ensured compatibility with modern design standards.
  • Implementing Responsive Design Techniques: Utilizing responsive design techniques such as media queries and flexible layouts, I ensured that the website displayed optimally across all devices. This involved thorough testing and optimization to deliver a consistent user experience regardless of screen size or device type.
  • Incorporating Client’s Brand Colors: I strategically incorporated the client’s orange and dark blue colors throughout the website, adhering to the style guide while maintaining visual harmony and readability. Careful selection of color palettes and accents ensured consistency and brand recognition.
  • Designing a Concise Landing Page: I designed a concise landing page that effectively summarized all website sections without overwhelming the user. This involved prioritizing key information, utilizing clear headings and visuals, and incorporating interactive elements to encourage further exploration.


➤ Results:

  • Modernized Website Design: The redesigned website now features a modern and visually appealing design, reflecting current design trends and enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.
  • Responsive User Experience: With responsive design implementation, the website provides a seamless and consistent user experience across all devices, improving accessibility and usability for visitors.
  • Consistent Brand Representation: The incorporation of the client’s brand colors throughout the website maintains consistency with the client’s style guide, reinforcing brand identity and recognition.
  • Engaging Landing Page: The concise and informative landing page effectively summarizes the website’s content, encouraging users to explore further while preventing information overload.


In conclusion, by addressing the challenges of redesigning an outdated website, ensuring responsiveness across devices, incorporating the client’s style guide, and designing an informative landing page, I successfully modernized the technical support website for Diagnostics Technical Support. The resulting website offers a visually appealing, user-friendly experience that effectively communicates the client’s services and enhances brand perception.


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