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RotoSpa Landing

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About The Project

RotoSpa has carved out a prominent niche in the UK market, gracing countless households with their premium hot tubs. Their reputation as the go-to choice for hire agents, retailers, dealers, holiday let owners, and numerous holiday parks across the UK speaks volumes about their quality and reliability.


When approached by RotoSpa, the task at hand was clear: revamp their outdated website by creating a sleek and modern landing page. This presented a unique challenge of seamlessly blending contemporary design elements with the existing website’s style guide.


To tackle this challenge, the first step was to rejuvenate the style guide, infusing it with modern aesthetics while ensuring consistency with RotoSpa’s branding. With the updated style guide as a blueprint, I meticulously crafted a landing page tailored to the client’s specifications. Engaging in extensive discussions and consultations, I gathered insights from the marketing team to accurately reflect the client’s needs in the design. Leveraging tools like Elementor and WordPress, I meticulously constructed each section of the landing page to ensure flawless display and functionality across various devices.

➤ Results:
The outcome of this collaboration was nothing short of remarkable. The new landing page seamlessly integrates with RotoSpa’s existing website, breathing new life into their online presence. With its contemporary design and enhanced functionality, the landing page effectively captures the essence of RotoSpa’s brand, captivating visitors and driving increased engagement. Moreover, the improved user experience translates into tangible results, with boosted conversions and heightened customer satisfaction. This transformation not only modernizes RotoSpa’s online platform but also strengthens their position as a leader in the hot tub industry.


Desktop Landing

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