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With over twenty-five years of experience, Fazanet Pro has excelled in management and CFO roles across various industries.

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My client sought a sleek and contemporary website to showcase our company’s services. The utmost priority was ensuring the website template’s responsiveness and delivering an exceptional user experience.


Aligning with Fazanet Company’s established brand identity, I made subtle modifications to maintain consistency across physical and digital designs. I carefully assessed our previous designs, identifying elements that aligned with the website’s objectives. By leveraging these common elements, I successfully integrated the brand identity with minimal changes.


Regarding user experience and design, I opted not to feature a tour reservation function initially, but I anticipated its potential inclusion in the future. To create the website’s design, I utilized images showcasing our work for past clients, giving visitors a glimpse of our capabilities.


The resulting website boasts a visually distinct appearance, instilling a sense of trust in users. Additionally, I employed contrasting colors to evoke a modern aesthetic, emphasizing our utilization of cutting-edge technologies.



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