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About The Project

KFT, a well-established group of grocery stores in Denmark, boasts over two decades of successful operation in both the physical and online retail landscapes. With numerous chain stores across the country, KFT had nurtured a unique brand identity that had earned the trust of countless customers.


As the grocery industry embraced the digital revolution, KFT faced the pressing need to adapt and bring its business into the online realm. The challenge was two-fold: preserving its distinctive brand identity while developing a comprehensive e-commerce website that could cater to the diverse needs of its customer base. The task at hand was not merely about creating a digital presence but about seamlessly integrating their physical and online stores into a cohesive shopping experience.


The journey to transform KFT’s grocery business began with a deep understanding of the company’s brand identity. Every aspect of the e-commerce website’s design was meticulously crafted to reflect this identity. Central to this endeavor was the use of the color green, symbolizing freshness, organic produce, and natural products – core values that KFT had upheld for years.

To meet the needs of various user types, each page was tailored with precision. The result was a user-friendly interface that made it easy for both loyal patrons and new customers to navigate the website effortlessly. This approach not only maintained KFT’s brand identity but enhanced its online presence.

Behind the scenes, I spearheaded the design and implementation of plugins aimed at empowering sales representatives across Denmark. These plugins served a dual purpose: allowing these representatives to offer their products through the online store while ensuring local customers could enjoy a personalized shopping experience. This innovative approach bridged the gap between the physical and digital storefronts, cementing KFT’s position as a forward-thinking player in the grocery industry.

Moreover, a robust backend infrastructure was put in place to manage inventory, streamline the order fulfillment process, and provide real-time support to both customers and sales representatives. This technological upgrade not only ensured a seamless shopping experience for customers but also improved the efficiency of KFT’s operations.

The result was a fully functional e-commerce platform that preserved KFT’s unique brand identity while seamlessly integrating the convenience of online shopping with the trusted in-store experience. KFT was now poised to thrive in the digital era, offering customers the freshest, organic, and natural products with just a few clicks.

In conclusion, the journey of transforming KFT’s grocery stores into a successful online and physical retail hybrid is a testament to the power of preserving brand identity while embracing technological innovation. This case study demonstrates how a careful and customer-centric approach can bring a beloved brand into the modern age, ensuring it continues to serve its loyal customers while attracting new ones in a dynamic, evolving market.


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