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About The Project

KFT, a prominent group of grocery stores in Denmark, has been a cornerstone of the Danish retail landscape for over two decades. With an extensive network of physical stores and a growing online presence, KFT faced the challenge of translating its unique brand identity into a comprehensive e-commerce platform. This case study explores the journey of how KFT successfully transformed its business with a digital touch, reaching a wider customer base and enhancing its brand recognition.

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KFT’s long-standing success had firmly established its brand identity, which was built on trust, quality, and a deep connection with local communities. However, in the ever-evolving retail landscape, the need for a robust e-commerce presence became evident. The key challenges KFT faced included:

  1. Brand Identity Preservation: KFT needed to ensure that its well-established brand identity was not diluted in the digital transition.
  2. Comprehensive E-commerce Integration: Developing an e-commerce platform that could encompass the diversity of products and services offered by the various KFT stores.


To address these challenges, a meticulous and strategic approach was adopted:

  • Brand-Centric Design: The journey began by taking a deep dive into KFT’s brand identity. The team behind the transformation understood the importance of preserving the brand’s essence. Every aspect of the design process was meticulously tailored to maintain the brand’s values. The color green, representing freshness, organic products, and nature, was selected to symbolize KFT’s commitment to quality. It was seamlessly integrated into the website’s design, creating a visual continuity that customers could instantly recognize and connect with.
  • User-Centric Design: The transformation was not only about preserving the brand but also about enhancing the user experience. Each section of the website was designed with different user types in mind. The result was a user-friendly interface that catered to the diverse needs of KFT’s customer base.
  • Advanced Backend Solutions: Behind the user-friendly facade, a robust backend was developed. This involved creating and implementing plugins that empowered KFT’s sales representatives across Denmark. These plugins enabled them to efficiently list and sell products in the online store, directly reaching local customers. This streamlined approach not only improved sales but also fostered a sense of community as local representatives became digital ambassadors of KFT’s values.


The transformation of KFT’s grocery chain into a digital haven had several significant outcomes:

  • Brand Continuity: KFT successfully maintained its unique brand identity throughout the digital transition. Customers continued to trust the brand, recognizing its commitment to fresh, organic, and natural products.
  • Enhanced User Experience: The user-centric design approach led to an increase in customer satisfaction. Users found it easy to navigate the online store, leading to higher engagement and sales.
  • Local Reach: The implementation of plugins for sales representatives expanded KFT’s local reach. It not only boosted sales but also strengthened the sense of community around KFT stores.


The journey of transforming KFT’s grocery chain into a digital haven showcases the importance of aligning digital strategies with well-established brand identities. By combining brand-centric and user-centric design with advanced backend solutions, KFT not only met the challenges it faced but also emerged as a leader in the Danish e-commerce landscape. This case study serves as a testament to the power of a strategic and thoughtful digital transformation in the retail sector.


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