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Raika – Online Shop

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About The Project

Raika began selling and configuring network equipment, security systems, and computer hardware parts in 2010. Its online store offers gadgets, flash memory, and network equipment, serving multiple countries in North America with its exclusive shipping system.


Raika, a provider of computer physical products and network equipment, sought an online store to primarily sell gadgets, hard disks, and notebooks. With limited customer data, my main challenge was to implement the website to meet these specific goals.


To address this challenge, I gathered more data from the customer and held numerous meetings to understand their online objectives. With input from the marketing team, I prioritized goals and proceeded with website design and implementation.


I began by wireframing to gain a better understanding of the process. Traditional processes were transformed and optimized in collaboration with the marketing team. It was crucial to enable customers to compare and purchase products clearly and quickly, avoiding cumbersome methods.


Once the processes and services were defined, I focused on user experience. While Raika’s brand identity primarily featured black color in its stores, I incorporated black carefully in the design to convey a sense of courage to customers.


Maintaining simplicity in Raika’s design, I created visually appealing images. I conducted product photography to ensure standard and high-quality photos. In collaboration with the marketing team, I developed a dedicated section for customer discounts, utilizing black and blue colors. Black was predominantly used to evoke a sense of a good deal, while blue was sparingly employed to avoid overwhelming the design. Balancing the design, I incorporated rounded edges.



Desktop Landing

Mobile Landing