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About The Project

Sarina Beauty Salon, a haven for beauty and compassion, takes pride in not just delivering top-tier hair services but doing so in an environment that nourishes the planet, their cherished clients, and their dedicated staff.


Sarina Beauty Salon embarked on its journey with the need to showcase their exceptional services online and, following their grand opening, establish a seamless reservation system for appointments. The primary goal was to encapsulate beauty, allure, and intimacy through their website.


Crafting a Brand Identity: Sarina Beauty Salon lacked a distinct brand identity, which was the initial challenge. To harmonize my website with the existing physical designs, I set out to create a brand identity from the ground up. My task was to make subtle yet purposeful alterations to the existing designs while ensuring they resonated with the website’s objectives. This led to the birth of a compelling brand identity.

  • User-Centric Design: During the initial stages, appointment reservations were not a priority, so this feature was not integrated into the website. However, it was anticipated for future inclusion. My design strategy was rooted in user experience and aesthetics. I opted for a captivating array of model images that exuded charm and intimacy. Utilizing curved edges and contrasting colors, I crafted an aesthetic that was both visually alluring and inviting. I ensured the initial section was subtle, gradually intensifying the allure in the subsequent service and salon introduction sections.
  • Enhancing Engagement:
    The resulting website emerged as a visually distinct masterpiece, radiating a profound sense of intimacy to every visitor. To add a touch of intrigue, I introduced a “special gifts” section, exclusive to site customers on a monthly basis. These gifts were thoughtfully designed, aligning with Sarina’s brand identity and offering premium options.
  • Building Trust: To foster trust, I strategically placed customer testimonials and displayed salon certificates on the most relevant pages throughout the site, assuring potential clients of my exceptional services.


The transformation of Sarina Beauty Salon’s online presence was a resounding success. The new website elegantly encapsulated the essence of beauty, allure, and intimacy. I now had a strong brand identity that resonated with both my physical space and my digital realm. The website’s design, coupled with the anticipation of appointment reservations, ensured a seamless transition into this feature. The introduction of the “special gifts” section added a layer of exclusivity and engagement, further strengthening my bond with customers. Trust was built through authentic testimonials and visible certifications, cementing my reputation as a top-tier beauty salon.

This case study serves as a testament to the power of thoughtful design and strategy in transforming an online presence and fostering meaningful connections with clients. Sarina Beauty Salon, embodied by I, continues to thrive as a beauty sanctuary that not only pampers but also cares for the planet, its guests, and its dedicated team.


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