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Spartac Store

  • Figma Design
  • Theme Development
  • Elementor
  • WooCommerce
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About The Project

Spartac.Store provides top-quality bodybuilding supplements, emphasizing honesty, trust, and customer assistance in achieving fitness goals.


  • Logo Design Alignment: Meeting the client’s requirement for a logo design reflecting the athletic nature of the bodybuilding supplements store while incorporating warm, sporty colors posed a challenge. Additionally, incorporating the “Spartac” theme into the design added complexity.
  • Simplified Page Layout: Designing and implementing the store’s pages in the simplest way possible to ensure easy navigation for users and swift access to products presented a significant challenge.
  • Building User Trust: Establishing user trust from the moment of entry was crucial. Sections needed to be strategically arranged to provide users with sufficient company information and clear navigation while instilling confidence in the brand.


  • Custom Logo Design: I created a custom logo design that incorporated warm, athletic colors and integrated elements from the “Spartac” theme, aligning with the store’s branding and conveying its athletic focus.
  • Streamlined Page Structure: Utilizing minimalist design principles, I crafted streamlined page layouts that facilitated seamless navigation for users, enabling swift access to products and a hassle-free browsing experience.
  • Strategic Content Organization: Sections were strategically organized to instill user confidence and provide essential company information upfront. Clear section goals were established to ensure users easily understood the website’s layout and navigation.


➤ Results:

  • Distinctive Brand Identity: The custom logo design effectively conveys the athletic nature of the store while aligning with its branding, enhancing brand recognition and establishing a strong visual identity.
  • Enhanced User Experience: The simplified page structure promotes easy navigation, resulting in a user-friendly browsing experience that facilitates swift access to products and increases user engagement.
  • Improved User Trust* By strategically organizing content and emphasizing transparency, the website successfully builds user trust from the moment of entry, enhancing user confidence and fostering a positive perception of the brand.


In conclusion, by addressing the challenges of logo design alignment, simplified page layout, and building user trust, I successfully designed and implemented an effective e-commerce website for Spartac.Store. The resulting website boasts a distinctive brand identity, enhanced user experience, and improved user trust, contributing to increased user engagement and satisfaction.


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