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SunShine Solar Panels

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About The Project

SunShine Solar Panels is a cutting-edge solar technology provider, backed by Maxeon Solar Technologies, a global leader in solar innovation. With a rich heritage of 7 years of pushing the boundaries in solar energy, Maxeon Solar Technologies emerged as a spin-off from the renowned US-based SunPower Corporation. We offer our superior solar products in over 10 countries through a robust global sales network, collaborating with more than 320 sales and installation partners worldwide.


The primary objective of the SunShine Solar Panels website was to showcase our services while also providing guidance and facilitating product sales. We aimed to demonstrate our extensive work experience, expertise, and the utilization of state-of-the-art technology in our product designs.


To maintain consistency with our existing brand identity, I made minimal changes to the physical design elements while adapting them for the website. This approach ensured that the website harmonized seamlessly with our previous designs, while still meeting our goals. In the process, I meticulously evaluated the elements that aligned with the website’s objectives.


For the user experience and design, we initially did not include a direct product sales feature, as it was not an immediate requirement. However, we anticipated the need for this functionality in the future. To showcase our capabilities, we incorporated visuals of our previous projects, allowing visitors to witness the quality of our work.


The resultant website design is visually distinctive, instilling a sense of trust in users. By employing contrasting colors, we created a modern aesthetic, emphasizing our commitment to utilizing advanced technologies for our customers’ benefit.



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