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Bella Beauty Salon

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About The Project

At Bella Beauty Salon, we believe in beauty with a heart. Our salon offers the highest quality hair services in an environment that promotes the well-being of the planet, our guests, and our staff.


Bella Beauty Salon had the initial goal of showcasing its services on the website and later implementing appointment reservation capabilities after its grand opening. The website aimed to evoke beauty, attractiveness, and a sense of intimacy.


To align the website with Bella Beauty Salon’s existing physical design, I developed a cohesive brand identity. Maintaining the essence of the previous designs, I carefully evaluated their common elements and tailored them to align with the website’s goals. This resulted in a stunning brand identity for the salon.


Moving on to user experience and design, I initially excluded appointment reservation functionality from the website since it wasn’t an immediate requirement. However, I anticipated the need for it in the future. The website design employed captivating images of models and incorporated curved edges and attractive color contrasts to evoke a sense of charm and intimacy. I chose to make the first section more subtle, reserving bolder design elements for the subsequent service and salon introduction sections.


The final design of the website was visually distinctive and successfully conveyed a sense of intimacy to users. To add further interest, I introduced a dedicated section called “Special Gifts,” exclusively available to our website customers on a monthly basis. These gifts and exclusive offers were thoughtfully designed based on our customers’ personas and aligned with Bella Beauty Salon’s brand identity. Some gifts were presented as packages, which perfectly reflected our salon’s unique essence.


To establish trust, customer testimonials and salon certificates were strategically placed on relevant pages throughout the site, instilling confidence in our potential customers.



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Mobile Landing