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About The Project

WiseOwlsEnglish Academy helps you quickly become fluent in English. We utilize the latest teaching methods to provide you with the most effective language learning experience. With decades of specialized expertise in English language education, we have helped thousands of individuals speak English fluently.

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The WiseOwlsEnglish website was established years ago and had an outdated design and numerous bugs. The processes involved in course purchasing and delivery were also outdated and obsolete. Additionally, the website’s performance was severely affected, with users frequently complaining about its slow speed. The imagery used on the website was unappealing. There was a clear need to build a new, excellent, and attractive website while ensuring optimal speed.


Although the WiseOwlsEnglish website had existing content, it lacked user engagement, and its online presence was minimal. We made the decision to avoid investing significant time and resources in improving the old site and instead opted for a complete redesign and implementation. This approach required fewer resources. Ultimately, we created an attractive design that aligned with the educational institution’s brand identity. We incorporated images of teenagers and young adults to infuse vibrancy into the design by using modern and high-quality visuals.

Furthermore, we improved the site’s speed to ensure that users could quickly access the information they needed. Young individuals have little patience for slow websites with outdated appearances. I implemented all of these measures for WiseOwlsEnglish Academy, and the academy’s manager was extremely satisfied with the outcome. Even after a few months, they continued to receive positive feedback on the website.


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