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I specializes in speed optimization for WordPress sites of all types and sizes. Never worry about a slow load time causing your visitors to leave, or Google penalizing your site for poor technical performance again. My speed optimization service aims to have your website loading in under two seconds and improving your Core Web Vitals.

I Speed Up WordPress Sites

I can help you fix Core Web Vitals issues, achieve higher scores in Google’s PageSpeed Insights, and troubleshoot slow loading times on the back end. If you have a WooCommerce store, I can also help you provide a faster checkout and shopping experience.

I have developed a proven services to optimize your site:

  • Optimize Images
  • Render-blocking Resources
  • Minify Javascript and CSS
  • Leverage Browser Caching
  • Enable Compression
  • Remove Query Strings
  • Review Server Response Time
  • Combine Requests
  • Lazy Loading Images
  • Inline Critical CSS

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